Edmonton 2003 Workshop Attendees

Note: replace -AT- in the email addresses with @

Name Company e-mail
Akre, Christine CFIA - Saskatoon akre-AT-inspection.gc.ca
Ambrose, Steve NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute steve.ambrose-AT-nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Antonsen, Steve Dionex Canada Ltd steve.antonsen-AT-dionex.com
Bailey, Jonathon Environment Canada jonathon.bailey-AT-ec.gc.ca
Barchuk, Nelson Can Grain Commission nbarchuk-AT-grainscanada.gc.ca
Biehn, Cathy Environment Canada cathy.biehn-AT-ec.gc.ca
Bigelow, Holly SCP Science hbigelow-AT-scpscience.com
Binder, Nik Isomass Scientific nik.binder-AT-isomass.com
Breitkreitz, Walter Alberta Agriculture walter.breitkreitz-AT-gov.ab.ca
Bruns, Gary Envirotest Labs gary-AT-envirotest.com
Byrtus, Gary AEP Byrtus-AT-gov.ab.ca
Cabalo, Edna Environment Canada edna.cabalo-AT-ec.gc.ca
Calvert, Jane Alberta Agriculture jane.calvert-AT-gov.ab.ca
Carriere, Alain Dionex Canada Ltd alain.carriere-AT-dionex.com
Cessna, Allan Environment Canada allan.cessna-AT-ec.gc.ca
Chalupa, Dave ARC dave.chalupa-AT-arc.ab.ca
Chau, Diana Environment Canada diana.chau-AT-ec.gc.ca
Checknita, Larry Envirotest Labs larryc-AT-envirotest.com
Chen, Mei City of Calgary Mei.Chen-AT-gov.calgary.ab.ca
Clarke, Dave Perkin Elmer david.clarke-AT-perkinelmer.com
Currie, Ron NAIT rcurrie-AT-nait.ab.ca
da Ponte, Suzy Rose Scientific kmiller-AT-rosesci.com
D'Agostino, Paul National Defence Paul.Dagostino-AT-drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Dahiya, Jagroop Health Canada Burnaby jagroop_dahiya-AT-hc-sc.gc.ca
DiCicco, Angelo Health Canada Burnaby angelo.dicicco-AT-hc-sc.gc.ca
Dowdell, Les Alberta Agriculture les.dowdell-AT-gov.ab.ca
Ehmann, Mike Alberta Agriculture michael.ehmann-AT-gov.ab.ca
Ellsworth, Carole Alberta Agriculture carole.ellsworth-AT-gov.ab.ca
Elrutb, Mohamed Environment Canada mohamed.elrutb-AT-ec.gc.ca
Finniss, Brian Caledon brian-AT-caledonlabs.com
Freeman, Tim SCP Science hbigelow-AT-scpscience.com
Furtula, Vesna Environment Canada vesna.furtula-AT-ec.gc.ca
Gibbons, Nicole Health Canada nicole_gibbons-AT-hc-sc.gc.ca
Gottschalk, Russel Envirotest Labs russ-AT-envirotest.com
Grant, Donna CFIA Grantd-AT-inspection.gc.ca
Gurprasad, Narine Environment Canada narine.gurprasad-AT-ec.gc.ca
Haidar, Nizar Environment Canada nick.haidar-AT-ec.gc.ca
Harris, Emily ALS Environmental emily.harris-AT-alsenviro.com
Headley, John National Water Research Institute john.headley-AT-ec.gc.ca
Heide, Ken CFIA Calgary heidek-AT-inspection.gc.ca
Hindle, Ralph Access Labs rhindle-AT-accesslabs.ca
Hoyano, Yumiko Alberta Agriculture yumiko.hoyano-AT-gov.ab.ca
Huang, L. JR Labs lhuang-AT-jrlabs.ca
Humphries, Dave ARC daveh-AT-arc.ab.ca
Inaba, Dan Agriculture Canada inabad-AT-agr.gc.ca
Johnston, Darren Varian darren.johnston-AT-varianinc.com
Kokas, Heather PSC Analytical Services hkokas-AT-contactpsc.com
Koski, Rob Environment Canada rob.koski-AT-ec.gc.ca
Krakalovich, Thomas Health Canada tom_krakalovich-AT-hc-sc.gc.ca
LaRocque, Cody Chromatographic Specialties KenJ-AT-chromspec.com
Lin, Kham K'Prime kham.lin-AT-kprime.net
Loranger, Simon Air Liquide Canada Ltd. simon.loranger-AT-liquideair.com
Loshney, Brent PSC Analytical Services bloshney-AT-contactpsc.com
MacAskill, Carla PMRA carla.macaskill-AT-hc-sc-gc.ca
McCauley, Shauna PMRA - Ottawa shauna.mccaley-AT-hc-sc.gc.ca
McFarlane, Gordon VICI Valco gordonm-AT-vici.com
McLean, Norman Envirotest Labs normanm-AT-envirotest.com
McMartin, Dena NWRI / UofS Dena.McMartin-AT-ec.gc.ca
McNeil, Del Anachemia mcneil-AT-anachemia.com
McRory, Susan Alberta Law susan.mcrory-AT-gov.ab.ca
Miller, Kristie Rose Scientific kmiller-AT-rosesci.com
Mitchell, Glenn Anachemia mitchell-AT-anachemia.com
Nakano, Takuo University of Alberta tnakano-AT-ualberta.ca
Nichols, John Oregon Dept of Agric jnichols-AT-oda.state.or.us
Noot, Don Alberta Agriculture don.noot-AT-gov.ab.ca
Pang, Gerry Chin Caledon gerrycp-AT-caledonlabs.com
Parenteau, Miles Mandel Scientific swright-AT-mandel.ca
Paul, Gary Thermo Finnigan kevin.p.wheeler-AT-thermo.com
Pequegnat, Judy CFIA Calgary pequegnatj-AT-inspection.gc.ca
Petkau, Darcy City of Calgary Darcy.Petkau-AT-gov.calgary.ab.ca
Pilkington, Jen EPA Certified epa-AT-telusplanet.net
Prommer, Ervin Alberta Agriculture ervin.prommer-AT-gov.ab.ca
Rawn, Thea Health Canada Ottawa thea_rawn-AT-hc-sc.gc.ca
Reid, Rhonda PSC Analytical Services rreid-AT-contactpsc.com
Ruck, George Mandel Scientific gruck-AT-mandel.ca
Rybchuk, Ryan ARC ryan.rybchuk-AT-arc.ab.ca
Serink, Brian ARC brian.serink-AT-arc.ab.ca
Smith, Richard Agilent alan_rowe-AT-agilent.com
Sproull, Jim Environment Canada jim.sproull-AT-ec.gc.ca
Stefanizyn, Kristina ARC stefanizyn-AT-arc.ab.ca
Strynadka, Gene Air Liquide Canada Ltd. gene.strynadka-AT-airliquide.com
Thompson, Tom Alberta Agriculture tom.thompson-AT-gov.ab.ca
Tsai, Chii-Guary Alberta Agriculture chii-guary.tsai-AT-gov.ab.ca
Verma, Brij National Water Research Institute brij.verma-AT-ec.gc.ca
Waldal, Charlene CFIA Calgary waldalc-AT-inspection.gc.ca
Wheeler, Kevin Thermo Finnigan kevin.p.wheeler-AT-thermo.com
White, Gail CFIA Calgary whitegail-AT-inspection.gc.ca
Wuite, Jamie Alberta Agriculture jamie.wuite-AT-gov.ab.ca
Xia, J JR Labs Jxia-AT-jrlabs.ca
Xia, Mike National Institute for Nanotechnology mike.xia-AT-nrc.gc.ca
Yang, Chen U of A juanmao-AT-hotmail.com