Winnipeg 2001 - Workshop Photos

Photos were taken by Donna Grant and Bernie Hill
(or others using their cameras!).

Click on a slide to a view a larger image.

caledon.jpg Doug Brock from Caledon Labs presenting the Caledon Award
caledon2.jpg Dr. Bernie Hill accepting the Caledon Award
caledon4.jpg Don Noot making a few remarks about Bernie's career
and his deservitude (is that a word?!) of the award
caledon3.jpg Bernie's acceptance speech
caledon5.jpg Allan Cessna commenting on Bernie's contributions
to the workshop
workshop-veronica.jpg Veronica Roscoe chairs opens the workshop and
chairs the first session
workshop-humphries.jpg Dave Humphries makes a presentation
workshop-prevost.jpg Lise Prevost was one of the presenters from the East
casino-3amigos.jpg three amigos
casino-buffet.jpg a wonderful buffet dinner at the casino
casino-buffet2.jpg Allan at the buffet alone
casino-alone.jpg Allan eating alone...
"What, do I stink or something?"
casino-parrot.jpg ah, the talking parrot
casino-picture.jpg taking pictures
casino-roscoes.jpg Mike and Veronica - both on the organizing committee -
they put on a great workshop!
casino-waiter.jpg Bernie serving dessert - don't like it Lise?
mixer2.jpg Never been to a mixer, you say?
See what you're missing!
mixer1.jpg Allan and Bernie at the mixer

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