Saskatoon 2000 - Potash Mine Tour Photos

On Wednesday, May 3, 2000, some of the workshop participants took a tour of the mine and processing plant of the Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Allan Division (PCS-Allan), about 50 km. east of Saskatoon. The potash (potassium chloride) is mined about one kilometer below the surface! The elevator trip takes approx. 2.5 minutes, and retrofited Toyota Land Cruisers took us through kilometers of mine drifts to get to the active mining area.

Photos taken by Kerry Peru.

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dressed.jpg getting suited up
intoelevator.jpg into the elevator for the 1 km ride down
drift.jpg standing in a "drift" (horizontal mined shaft)
kerry.jpg the only picture Kerry didn't take ;-)
ride.jpg our Land Cruiser tour
mine2.jpg heading off to see active mining
machine2.jpg beside the mining machine
- 300hp electric motor at the left
- adjusting ear plugs - it was quite LOUD!
machine.jpg looking at the business end of the machine
miners.jpg miners checking the bits
wall.jpg the pattern on the walls made by the machine
convey.jpg the conveyor carrying potash
skipshft.jpg the "skips" that carry potash to the surface
tunnel.jpg waiting for the ride back up top

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