34th Annual Western Canada
Trace Organic Workshop

Calgary, Alberta
April 27 - 30, 1999


34th Annual Western Canada Trace Organic Workshop
Calgary, 1999


April 27
Marriott Hotel
7pm to 10pm Pre-Registration and Reception
Trader Room, Marriott Hotel. Finger food and cash bar.
Telus Convention Centre (Glenmore Room)
8:00 AM Registration.
Continental breakfast.
8:55 AM Welcome and opening remarks.
Donna Grant, Chairperson. Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Calgary AB
9:00 AM Detection and Control of Unregistered Growth Promoters in Veal.
John Patterson, Health of Animals Lab. CFIA, Saskatoon, SK
9:45 AM Solid Phase Extraction of Endocrine Disruptor Related Organic
Compounds from Food and Water.
Author Michael S. Young. Presented by Bob Harrison,
Waters Ltd. Mississauga, ON
10:15 AM Coffee Break
10:45 AM Duplicate Sampling Reproducibility of Atmospheric Residues
of Herbicides for Paired Pan and High Volume Air Samplers.
Allan J. Cessna. AAFC, Saskatoon, SK
11:15 AM Measurement of Phytoestrogens in Human Biological Fluid
by LC/MS.
Ella Ng. Centre for Toxicology, Calgary, AB
11:45 AM Lunch (on your own)
1:00 PM Impact of Feedlots on Water Quality.
Jim Miller. AAFC Lethbridge Research Station, Lethbridge AB
1:30 PM Quantitation of PCB Congeners in Serum using GC/NCI MS.
Dr. Adrien Musuku. Centre for Toxicology Calgary, AB
2:00 PM Coffee
2:30 PM Analysis of Four Herbicides and Metabolites in Soil by LC/MS/MS.
Jody T. Hoshowski. Envirotest Labs, Edmonton, AB
3:00 PM New Applications of Orthogonal Time-of-Flight to GC Analyses.
David Heywood, Micromass Canada, Pointe-Claire, Quebec
3:30 PM Identification of an Unknown Inorganic Compound by ES/MS.
Don Noot, Alberta Agriculture, Edmonton, AB
4:00 PM Round Table Discussion.
7:00 PM Banquet
Western Heritage Centre, Cochrane AB
April 29
8:30 AM Theoretical Leaching Potential v.s. Lab-determined Leaching
Patterns of Phenoxy Herbicides in Alberta Soils.
Susan Byers, Bernie Hill, Jim Miller, Dan Inaba, Neil Harker,
AAFC Research Centre, Lethbridge, AB.
9:00 AM Analysis of Dioxins and Furans by Benchtop GC/MS/MS.
Colin Jennison. Varian Canada, Mississauga, ON
9:30 AM Duplicate Sampling of Surface Films and Associated
Pond Water forHerbicides.
Don Waite. Environment Canada, Regina, SK
10:00 AM Coffee
10:30 AM Use of NCI/GC/MS for the Analysis of Trace Organics
Joe Weitzel. Hewlett-Packard, Wilmington Delaware
11:00 AM Determination of ETU Residues in Lettuce and Water by LC/MS/MS
Russell Gottschalk. Envirotest Lab, Edmonton, AB
11:30 AM Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) for the
Determination of Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetable Slurries.
Irene Ding, ASL Labs, Vancouver BC
12:00 AM Lunch (on your own)
1:30 PM Identification of Chemical Warfare Agents in Aqueous Samples
Paul D'Agostino. Defense Research Establishment Suffield, Medicine Hat, AB
2:00 PM Determination of Nitro-PAH in Ambient Air
Chung Chiu. Environment Canada, Ottawa, Ont.
2:30 PM Coffee and Posters (in Glengarry Room)
3:30 PM Using NCI/MS in Solving Analytical Problems in Organic Analysis
Narine Gurprasad, Nick Haidar, Jim Sproull.
Environment Canada Edmonton, AB
4:00 PM Automated Solid Phase Extraction
Author Lubo Stavenik. Beckman, Edmonton, AB
April 30
8:30 AM Determination of DIPA and Sulfolane in Wetland Vegetation.
Kerry Peru. Environment Canada, Saskatoon, SK
9:00 AM Pesticides in Alberta Precipitation and Ambient Air
Gary Byrtus. Alberta Environmental Protection, Edmonton, AB
9:30 AM Analysis of Pesticides in Air and Precipitation Samples by
GC/MS Iontrap
Dave Humphries, Alberta Research Council, Vegreville, AB
10:00 AM Coffee
10:30 AM Business Meeting
Next year's host? Beef's and Bouquets.
11:30 AM CFIA Lab Tour
Please sign list if you wish to tour the lab.
It will take approximately 1.5 hrs to travel and to tour.